Various ActionScript classes and Flash site templates that I use on a regular basis, collected them into one open source code library. Feel free to send any suggestions, questions, etc. to

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ContentDisplay Suite

A group of Flash site templates (“Rooms”) used to display various types of media content (video/audio/images) in a variety of ways with a library of shared components (Lightbox, Media Players, etc.).


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Flash template for creating Flash presentations or microsites that imports external swf's that have been generated from InDesign. Lightbox functionality is enabled by adding Interactive Buttons in InDesign and adding the file names of the content to be lightboxed to the button title.


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Another xml-based full-screen Flash site template, with deeplinking and a liquid canvas, designed to display media content.


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An xml-based full-screen Flash site template, designed for communications such as newsletters, business proposals, case studies, white papers, etc. Extends FullScreenSite.


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An xml-based full-screen Flash site template, designed to showcase media content, such as video, images, audio and flash.


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An xml-based full-screen fixed two-column Flash site template. Includes swfaddress, lightboxing, various media components and google analytics event tracking.

Standalone Video Player

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The setup I use to embed video on a web pages. Uses a Flash video player I created, and falls back to an html5 player for Apple devices.

Basic Webkit Page Template

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A basic html5 web page template designed for webkit devices (iPhone/iPad/Android). Includes landscape/portrait css and jQuery.

Class Library Demos

Usage examples for the various ActionScript classes in the johnpolacek lib.


Components used by document classes to present ContentDisplay elements.


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Loads an array of thumbnails and arranges them in a grid. Clicking on a thumbnail launches content from a corresponding array in a lightbox window.


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Loads and arranges images in a grid.

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Uses the ContentDisplay classes to display media content in a window on the top level while using an overlay to dim the background.


Top-level display classes for various types of media.


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An MP3 player.


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A looping animated slideshow of images


Displays flash content (.swf)


Displays images (.jpg, .gif and .png)


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A netstream flash video player


Various classes dealing with different types of media.


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Loads and plays sound files in a continuous loop.


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Animated sound spectrum displayed in a rectangle container


Classes for quickly and easily creating shapes.

RectangleShape, EllipseShape, etc.

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Classes are for displaying text.


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Displays HTML-formatted text, with runtime font embedding & CSS styling


Classes for various user interface elements (e.g., navigation, scrolling).

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Simple accordion nav menu.

Buttons and Menus

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Using ChromeContainer, BasicButton and BasicButtonMenu.

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Add a scrollbar and masking to any sprite.

Standalone Scrollbox

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This scrollbox component is independent of the rest of the class library. It uses no imported classes, can be easily re-skinned and is meant to be edited in the .fla.